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Rostec takes part in the first defense exhibition in Egypt

December 3, 2018

Press release


Rostec State Corporation and its holding companies take part in EDEX 2018, the first defense exhibition in Egypt. The exhibition features modern helicopters, armored vehicles and ammunition. The exhibition is held on 3-5 December in Cairo.


Russian Helicopters Holding Company presents the Ka-52K combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter and the multipurpose Mi-38 helicopter which is one of the most advanced civilian helicopters in the world. Moreover, the holding company’s executives will negotiate with traditional and potential operators of Russian helicopters. After-sales service of previously delivered Russian helicopters will also be discussed, as Africa has one of the world’s largest fleets of Russian helicopters.


UralVagonZavod’s enterprises demonstrate the T-90MS, T-90S, T-72 and T-55 tanks, the BMPT armored fighting vehicle for supporting tanks, the IMR-3M combat engineering vehicle, the BREM-1M armored repair and recovery vehicle, the PTS-4 floating conveyor, the TOS-1A heavy flame thrower system (forming part of the BM-1 combat vehicle and the TZM-T transport-charging vehicle), and a mock-up of the B92S2 engine.


The Scientific-Research Institute for Applied Chemistry shows mock-ups of smoke grenades and various cartridges to buyers.


“In 2018 Russia and Egypt celebrate the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations. The military and technical partnership of the countries has also lasted for a long time. Egypt became the first Arab country to purchase weapons from the USSR, and it has been one of the key customers buying Russian military equipment and weapons in this region for many years. Today we continue to develop our relations in many industries. Russia’s participation in events like EDEX 2018 provides us with new opportunities for cooperation,” said Victor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy at Rostec.


Rosoboronexport forming part of Rostec is an organizer of the single Russian exhibition featuring products of eleven large Russian manufacturers of weapons and military equipment for all types of armed forces. Rosoboronexport presents about 300 samples of modern Russian weapons and military equipment during the forum. This includes fighters, attack helicopters, missile defense systems and air defense missile systems, as well as unmanned systems, ships, etc. In addition, there is the static display of a full-scale specimen of the Ka-52K combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter.


Besides, Rosoboronexport presents aircraft, radio electronic and air defense systems, equipment for the navy, products for land forces, special weapons and the means of combating terrorism and organized crime.


“We are ready to cooperate in all military spheres, including counteracting various terrorist groups. We present most of the latest Russian export products which are currently actively gaining positions on the global weapons market. I am convinced that they will spark great interest of armed forces of Egypt, countries in North Africa and the Middle East, and guests from other regions of the world,” said Alexander Mikheev, CEO of JSC Rosoboronexport.


The first EDEX 2018 exhibition is held in Cairo in Egypt International Exhibition Center from December 3 through December 5 under the auspices of the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Apart from the Russian exhibition, unified exhibitions of France, China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the United States, Germany, Italy, the UK, Greece, South Africa and Belarus are presented at EDEX 2018.





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