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Rheinmetall at the 20th European Police Congress – the right partner for 21st century security forces

Special Operation Forces

The 20th European Police Congress takes place this year from 21 to 22 February in Berlin. A high-tech enterprise dedicated to meeting the future imperatives of security and mobility, Rheinmetall is presenting a number of its Public Security products at this high-profile event.
Cross-border organized crime, uncontrolled illegal migration, new threats in cyber space, the misuse of modern technology for criminal purposes, an increased willingness to engage in violence, new forms of terrorism: all of these trends pose major threats to our open, pluralistic societies. Moreover, the boundary between internal and external security is becoming increasingly blurry. This requires new solutions with regard to operational doctrine, tactics, training, and – not least of all – equipment.
Rheinmetall feels a special obligation to make the best-possible equipment available to the people who put their lives on the line it is to protect us. To prove its point, at the 20th European Police Congress the Group is presenting its high-performance Survivor R vehicle as well as special solutions in the field of ballistic protection.
Survivor R
The Survivor R is a compelling symbol of Rheinmetall’s extraordinary expertise in the worlds of security and mobility. Developed in cooperation with Achleitner, a well-known maker of special vehicles, it is the perfect answer for robust law enforcement operations. Based on a high-performance 4×4 MAN truck chassis, the Survivor R features a steel armour cab. Designed for a top speed of 100 km/h, this high-mobility vehicle combines tried-and-tested automotive engineering with state-of-the-art protection technology from Rheinmetall.
Depending on the given threat level, the armoured monocoque body can be individually and discretely equipped with add-on armour elements, while the air filtration system – a standard feature – provides reliable protection from nuclear, biological and chemical agents. Despite its excellent survivability, the vehicle’s outer appearance is unthreatening and deescalating, making it ideal for law enforcement operations. The interior is well lit, ergonomically designed, and roomy enough carry up to ten people with their personal kit as well as a full panoply of communication and command and control equipment. Systematic use of serially produced, standard commercial and military components has resulted in a reasonably priced vehicle –one which benefits from Rheinmetall MAN’s global service network, assuring efficient maintenance and repairs worldwide. This makes the Survivor R a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain vehicle platform with low lifecycle costs and outstanding operational readiness.

Ballistic protection
Rheinmetall’s VERHA (short for “Versatile Rheinmetall Armour”) product line lends itself to a wide array of applications: ships, ground vehicles and aircraft as well as protective vest inserts. In a series of contracts, Rheinmetall has already supplied military and law enforcement customers with a number of different protection systems. These include partial armouring of ships, fibre-composite materials for premium-class armoured limousines, hard ballistic inserts for bullet-resistant vests, and quickly installable armour elements for helicopter cockpits.
In recent years Europe has witnessed the emergence of a new breed of terrorist: they operate in a military way, are often armed with military weapons, and who seek to kill as many people as possible as quickly as they can. Police forces all over Europe are gearing up to deal with high-intensity active shooter situations like these. When attacks of this type occur, it is usually ordinary patrol car officers who are the first on the scene.
In order to protect these officers from rifle fire, Rheinmetall has partnered with special equipment maker Linderhof-Taktik to develop bullet-resistant plate carriers. These can be transported in the patrol car and donned if required.
In addition, Rheinmetall’s forward-looking Sensing Armour technology enables maintenance and inspection of hard ballistic bullet-resistant vest inserts. An integrated sensor system embedded in the insert makes it possible to check for damage quickly and easily even when inserts appear to be intact – without the need for expensive x-rays.
Rheinmetall – the right partner for modern security forces
Rheinmetall’s array of Public Security products covers a wide spectrum of relevant capability categories: reconnaissance and surveillance, command and control, cyber security, weaponry, protection technology and mobility. Initial and advanced training continues to play a vital role in assuring operational effectiveness. Here, too, Rheinmetall offers multifaceted simulation and training solutions.




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