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Leonardo M60 tank upgrade

At BIDEC 2017, Leonardo presents the M60A3 overhaul and upgrade programme, which provides
fleet operators with a cost-effective opportunity to enhance the performance of the platform and
make it adequate to the requirements of the modern scenarios. Lethality, mobility and crew
survivability are significantly improved through a modular solution which integrates a new 120/45
mm main gun with a state-of-the-art Fire Control System (FCS), a set of modern protection
systems and a significant up-power of the power pack. With an affordable investment, the
Leonardo solution retains existing maintenance and logistics assets, in addition to requiring
minimal additional training for through life support. Leonardo fully owns and controls the core
technologies embedded in the upgrade kit, such as the FCS and the InfraRed technology, the
120mm smooth-bore main gun and the technology which allows improving the turret performance.

Main areas of improvement:


The Leonardo 120/45mm gun, joining new technologies, latest generation of steel, weight
reduction and low recoil force, thanks to the integrated muzzle brake (pepperbox configuration),
provides effective performance overmatch. A state-of-the-art Digital Fire Control System,
integrating latest day and night 3rd generation thermal imagers, together with sensor and ballistic
calculation algorithms, multi-function display and video tracking capability increase first hit
probability, range of threats detection, recognition and identification for full day and night
operations. The solution also integrates a new-multi-purpose stabilized Remote Controlled
Weapon Station (RCWS) “Hitrole”, that is combat proven and allows a full 360° panoramic
surveillance capability with an improved cooled infrared sighting system.


The Leonardo solution offers an upgrade of the power pack with an up-power capability that
guarantees an increase of the power-to-weight ratio. The driver-scope can rely on a day & night
24 hour operational capability, effective also through smoke and dusty battlefields, thanks to a
driver night vision system.


The armor protection will be increased, enabling protection of the crew against modern threats.
The installation of an Automatic Fire and Explosion Sensing and Suppressing system (AFSS)
improves soldier survivability in combat and peace keeping operations. In particular the crew is
better protected against fire and explosions that can be generated by hostile forces and by Rocket
Propelled Grenades (RPG).


The tank life will be enhanced by a general overhaul of the main on-board sub-systems.



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