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Zenit and Leica present a joint production camera in Cologne

September 26, 2018

Press release


Krasnogorsky Zavod, manufacturer of the Russian brand Zenit, in cooperation with Leica Camera AG, German manufacturer of premium cameras and optics, designed a new digital rangefinder camera Zenit M with a new generation lens. The Shvabe Holding, part of Rostec, has presented this product on its exhibition stand at Photokina 2018, the largest international trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries held in Cologne.


One of the participants of this Russian-German project is Krasnogorsky Zavod (KMZ Zenit), one of the Russian leading designers of photographic equipment, is part of the Shvabe Holding. The Zenit M camera is technically based on the Leica M Type 240 platform, but has been modified both in terms of hardware and software.

The camera is equipped with Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0 lens manufactured in steel and glass. It is completely designed and manufactured in Russia, 100% of its components and materials are Russian-made. The lens creates an image that doesn’t require processing, has unique bokeh and soft focus effect. Manufacturers present first Zenit M cameras in Cologne.

Design of the modern Zenit M camera copies designs of the legendary Zenit and Zorky cameras, it is a full-frame rangefinder camera created for photography under various conditions.

The official presentation took place with participation of Andreas Kaufmann, major shareholder and chairman of Leica Camera AG supervisory board, Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy CEO of the Shvabe Holding for Development of Sales, Marketing and Service Support Systems for Civil Products and Vadim Kaliugin, CEO of KMZ Zenit.

“Zenit and Leica cooperation forms a unique alliance between long-term experience in optics manufacturing and modern technologies of Russia and Germany. With this project we for the first time declare launch of world famous Russian brand Zenit into the new segment of photography equipment market”, said Alexey Patrikeyev, CEO of the Shvabe Holding.

Zenit M will be available from December 2018 in Europe and from January 2019 in Russia at both Zenit’s online store and selected photo shops in Russia and Europe.

“On purchasing the camera and the lens the users will get not only a high-quality device with elaborate ergonomic design and high optical characteristics, but a really smart camera which will provide high image quality”, reported Vadim Kaliugin, CEO of KMZ Zenit.

The Shvabe Holding also presents on its exhibition stand at Photokina 2018 the legendary camera AFA-E1. It is this camera that for the first time in the world history photographed the far side of the Moon from the distance of 65,200 kilometers in 1959. This unique camera was designed in the Moscow Region by engineers and industrial designers of Krasnogorsky Zavod.

At the exhibition in Cologne the Shvabe Holding presents the whole line of Zenitar and Helios lenses manufactured by KMZ Zenit as well as various historic models of SLR and rangefinder cameras. This exposition is also completed with products of another Shvabe enterprise, Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS). Along with other key showpieces the leading manufacturer of space and astronomy optics demonstrates mirror-meniscous telescopic photo lens MC Rubinar-10/1000 with high light transmission and image contrast.


Rostec is a Russian State Corporation established in 2007 with the purpose of facilitating the development, manufacture and export of high-tech industrial products for both civil and military purposes. It incorporates over 700 entities that currently form 11 holdings operating in the military-industrial complex and 4 holdings active in civilian industries, as well as over 80 directly supervised organizations. Rostec’s portfolio includes such well-known brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, Uralvagonzavod, and others. Rostec companies are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation and supply products to the markets of over 100 countries. In 2017, Rostec’s consolidated revenue reached RUR 1.589 trillion, its consolidated net profit was RUR 121 billion, and EBITDA was RUR 305 billion. According to Rostec’s Development Strategy, the mission of the Corporation is to ensure Russia’s technological advantage on highly competitive international markets. One of Rostec’s key goals is to implement a new technological way of living and to promote the digitalization of Russia’s economy.




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