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Rostec shows new generation of Tornado-G MLRS in action abroad for the first time

February, 19


As part of the IDEX 2019 international exhibition, the Tecmash Concern of State Corporation Rostec has presented unique video footage of the Tornado-G multiple rocket launch system in action.

The combat vehicle is equipped with an automated guidance and fire control system, as well as preparation and launch equipment. Without leaving the cockpit, it is possible to enter flight mission data remotely into the detonators and launch the projectiles. The launch package on the Tornado-G combat vehicle consists of forty tubes. The system was developed in a 122-mm caliber, which allows the use of rocket projectiles from both the Tornado-G and the Grad systems.


Also for the first time, Tecmash has presented abroad one of the munitions developed for the Tornado-G – a 122-mm unguided missile with a detachable high-explosive warhead with fragmentation increased-efficiency (index 9М539). It was developed at the NPO SPLAV base and is intended to destroy open and sheltered manpower, unarmored vehicles, command posts and other targets. A missile can effectively hit targets behind folds of the terrain (backward slopes, ravines, etc.) and in mountains.


“The firing range of this projectile is from 5 to 20 kilometers. The temperature range of combat use is from –50°С to + 50°С. The damage efficiency is, on average, six times higher than that of the uncontrolled 9M22U high-explosive fragmentation projectile (standard projectile) of the Grad system,” said CEO of Tecmash Vladimir Lepin.


“Tornado-G is a follow-up to the renowned Grad system that has been used by armed forces of many countries for more than 50 years and has proven its reliability and faultless operation. As compared to its predecessor, Tornado-G is five times faster and has a higher damaging capacity,” noted Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of the Armament Cluster of the Rostec State Corporation.


At the defense exhibition, Tecmash has also showed the world community the AZ-TSR-47 increased-efficiency turbo-jet projectile, designed to protect surface ships from weapons equipped with radar guidance systems, for the first time. The main objective of this munition is to create radar interference in a given area. When moving, the projectile releases a false radar target in the form of a cloud of dipole reflectors, thereby misinforming enemy detection systems or diverting an attacking rocket to the false target. The projectile has increased efficiency in comparison with known analogs due to the rapid formation and large area of dispersion of false radar targets. The munition is launched from the shipboard ZIF-121 launcher of the PK-2 shipboard complex.


In addition, the RPG-30 anti-tank grenade with disposable grenade launcher, which has no analogs in the world, has been presented at the Tecmash stand. The RPG-30, developed at the NPO Bazalt, can strike modern and advanced tanks, including those equipped with attached dynamic protection and an active defense system, as well as other armored and unarmored targets.


In total, at the IDEX-2019 exhibition, Tecmash presented over a hundred samples of military products from seven of its leading enterprises: NPO Splav, NPO Bazalt, NPO Pribor, NIMI V.V. Bakhirev, the Plastmass plant, NZIV and NPO Poisk. The area of the exhibit was more than 120 square meters.



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