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Rostec to display infant saving appliances at Arab Health 2019

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Russian solutions for reducing premature infant mortality rates will be presented at Arab Health 2019, a major international medical / healthcare show scheduled for 28-31 January in Dubai.


Russian holding company Shvabe, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of neonatal equipment and a Rostec Corporation company, will present intensive care incubator IDN-03 for nursing fragile babies from 500 grams upwards and compatible neonatal infrared heater Radiant Heat – BONO at Arab Health 2019.


Foreign doctors will be shown photo-therapy and anaesthetic breathing equipment for babies and multi-functional inhalation anaesthesia device MAIA-01. It is currently the only Russian-developed device to combine such functions as artificial lung ventilation, anaesthesia and breathing gas integrated monitoring.


“At this show we will be presenting a line of medical products that are operated successfully at hundreds of Russian medical institutions and are in great demand outside Russia. This event will help set the groundwork for long-term emerging partnerships and grow the holding company’s presence in the Middle East,” said Ivan Ozhgikhin, Shvabe’s Deputy General Director.


Shvabe’s Russian solutions to be presented at Arab Health 2019 to the leading doctors from over 150 countries are commercially manufactured by one the holding company’s flagship enterprises, E.Yalamov Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMP).


Deliveries of UOMP-manufactured medical equipment in 2018 included such countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Hungary, Ireland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.


“For years, Shvabe’s medical equipment has been helping reduce infant mortality in Russia and beyond. More than 10 percent of our medical equipment exports is to the Middle East. We believe there are currently good prospects for growing Russian exports, given UAE’s plans to stabilise high survival rates in prematurely born infants,” said Victor Kladov, Rostec’s Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy.


Working under its Strategy Rostec continues to implement a large-scale programme for its E-Cluster. Rostec’s key strategic objectives include growing its revenues by an average of 17% in rouble terms by 2025, raising the share of civil-purpose products in its revenues to 50%, enhancing operational efficiency and expanding onto global markets.



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