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Rostec to produce a civilian version of the latest Russian Udav pistol

January 24, 2019 Press release   A civilian version of the newest Russian Udav pistol complex will be produced for professional shooters participating in international-class competitions. Also the developer plans to create a civilian export version of the pistol, which will retain its power and accuracy, ergonomic design and low weight.  

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Rostec to supply equipment to Tianwan NPP

Press release January 23, 2019   The Ruselectronics Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) has installed radiation-resistant equipment for refueling control at China’s Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant. The equipment was supplied as a part of construction of two new power units at the NPP. It is the first export supply of such equipment. Earlier on, Rostec already supplied its ...

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Rostec to produce a non-lethal weapon for security services

Press release January 23, 2019   Ruselectronics Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) will develop a new type of non-lethal weapons that can be used by law-enforcement agencies for covert operations and counter-terrorism efforts. The system is being created on the basis of the visual and optical jammer 5P-42 Filin. The prototype will be presented in 2019.

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Rostec launches production of a substitute for the Makarov pistol in 2019

Press release January 18, 2019   The Central Scientific–Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH, a part of Rostec) has successfully completed testing of a new Udav pistol that should become a substitute for the Makarov pistol. Batch production of the new pistol will be launched in spring 2019.

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Rostec developed mine roller for armored tractors

January 11, 2019 Press release   Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, part of UralVagonZavod Group belonging to Rostec State Corporation, has developed a mine roller to be installed to the “ironclads” — models B10M2S and B12S of armored tractors. Tractors with a mine roller are more maneuverable than mine-clearing tanks and have a longer service life, which makes them optimal for humanitarian demining. The ...

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Rostec completed testing accessories of aircraft systems for SSJ-100 and MC-21

January 14, 2018 Press release   In December 2018, Technodinamika holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation) completed the qualification testing of the fire protection system and oxygen system accessories that will be used in SSJ-100 and MS-21 aircraft.

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Rostec upgrades A-50 early warning aircraft

December 26, 2018 Press release   The Vega Radio Engineering Corporation of the Ruselectronics holding company (part of Rostec) and the Beriev Aircraft Company have upgraded the A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft to the A-50U version.  

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Aircraft tow tractor demonstration held at Domodedovo airport

December 19, 2018 Press release   An airfield tractor built on the basis of an armored repair and recovery vehicle (BREM-1) has been shown at Domodedovo Airport for the first time. The tractor towed a long-haul IL-62 aircraft in severe weather conditions. The special version of the BREM-1 had been manufactured and supplied to Domodedovo by Uralvagonzavod research and production ...

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