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Russia delivers weapons to Libya

It seems that Russia is opening a new military logistical line to Libya. After the Syrian Express, which was the maritime backbone of the Russian war effort in Syria, Moscow might want to replicate the same scenario with the forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

LibyaTurkish spotter Yörük Işık managed to take a picture of the Russian cargo ship, Alexander Tkachenko on the Bosphorus Strait, with some stacks of military vehicles on board. The RoRo ship looked well loaded, so much so that many vehicles were on deck. The little that was visible consisted of trucks, GAZ3308 Sadko, and  other types of trucks and ambulances. According to our sources in Moscow, this batch is part of the stocks of the Russian Army and is not new.

The destination of A.Tkachenko, which carries out her first mission in the Mediterannean Hors Tartous, was Alexandria. But according to our informations the equipment is intended for the Libyan National Army.

As a reminder, an embargo on arms sales concerns Libya, which has been in the midst of a civil war since 2011. Libya country has become a veritable field of experimentation for many armies in the region.

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